5 Little-Known Free Twitter Tools to Save You Time

As a Product Manager in a small startup I frequently get my hands dirty with social media management. This is a great way to see what your customers are talking about, what’s going on in your industry and reach broader audience by sharing relevant content. But it is also very time-consuming, especially if you are not full-time social media manager and have other duties.

For us, Twitter is so far the best tool to make new connections, market product and keep up to date with industry news. But to take all the benefits you need to invest time and effort. That’s why people created so many tools to help you with Twitter management. And I am sure you tried many of them. But there are always some undiscovered tools that exists and potentially can solve your time-eating problems.

And this is not a list where I want to surprise you with quantity and the endless list of all-the-tools-I-could-find. Below you can see some Twitter Tools that are not yet very popular, but does the work and saves me some time. Hope it can be useful for you too.


ReplyLater Twitter tools

A simple tool that lets you do one thing – easily schedule replies on Twitter that maintain the thread. On more great feature – it lets you schedule a reply of any length you want. It will thread the conversation as a tweet storm reply.

Why would you ever want to schedule reply instead of replying immediately? There are some use cases for sure. Imagine you saw your customer tweeting about the upcoming weekend trip – you can schedule a reply asking him how was the trip after the weekend. Or – you stayed up late and decided to check Twitter. You want to reply to some tweets but do not want to disturb people with notifications in the middle of the night. What to do? Use ReplyLater. Really simple and does one thing right.


Tweet Jukebox twitter tools

Do you tweet evergreen content that you want people to see? Chances to achieve your goal would be much better if you posted your tweet several times to reach more people. Tried that myself – really works! Is this a good idea you ask? Even Gary Vaynerchuk (if you don’t know him yet – please google or click here) once mentioned that at the speed of Twitter, it’s OK to repeat yourself.

As you know, scheduling tweets and live tweeting are very time-consuming activities. Tweet Jukebox helps eliminate the need to continually schedule your tweets. You upload your tweets to the system and once you turn on your jukebox, it tweets for you automatically. Jukebox system will also thank the top Twitter users that mentioned you during the week automatically. Works great for reusing ever-green content. All you have to do is find some relevant news to mix into your Twitter feed. It saved me a lot of time.


Hiplay buffer tools

Do you use Buffer?  If so – how often do you have your queue empty? I use Buffer for some of my accounts and I find queue empty so frequently… Unlike TweetJukebox, Buffer does not allow you to re-buffer ever-green content automatically. That means you need to spend a lot of time to keep tweets flowing. I though I need some help here and asked my friends to create a tool that could save me some time.

If you buffer evergreen content – Hiplay can help you fill the empty queue with previously posted tweets automatically. No need to upload content to the system.  All you have to do is log in with your Buffer account and pick posts that can be reused  from your previously buffered tweets. Re-buffered tweets will follow your Buffer schedule and you will never have to worry about silence in your Twitter account.


Trove content discovery tool

Have you heard about the golden Twitter marketing rule? If you want to promote your own product or service you should provide 90% relevant content to your audience and only 10% of tweets should be about your own offerings. So here we have a problem – you need a lot of interesting content to engage your followers. And content curation is very time sensitive activity. That’s why so many companies are trying to create the best way to find relevant content to compose interesting tweets.

Trove looks promising. You can get news on topics you choose, see stories hand-picked by the community of readers and follow relevant curators. Hand curated content is always the best and you can access it all for free.


quuu content curation tool buffer

Once again – do you use Buffer? Then you can have your Twitter feed filled with hand-curated relevant content with no work at all. It’s like having your social media marketing on autopilot.

How does Quuu work? You select relevant categories that you and your audience are interested in. Then Quuu sends hand-curated content to your Buffer account automatically every day. And you can access all this for free. The content you get to your queue is really high quality. Highly recommend to try!


Automation is hot these days. You can not and should not automate everything, but some healthy balance of automation and manual labor might be a secret source to your Twitter marketing strategy. Do you use any tools to automate Twitter marketing? Please share with me in comments.



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  1. I had no idea so much was available with Twitter extras. I’ve been tweeting for a few weeks now and think it’s one of the most interesting platforms. Perhaps that it’s so instant, either way, I’m looking forward to dissecting all of this good information. Thank you.

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